Our game consulting service offers expert guidance and strategic insights to individuals and companies in the VR gaming industry. With a focus on game design and user acquisition/retention, we provide tailored recommendations to elevate your game. Whether you’re an indie developer or an established company, we work collaboratively to understand your goals and vision, helping you create immersive experiences that captivate players and drive success. Unlock the potential of your games with our team of VR experts.


Comprehensive review and analysis of all landing sites from leading experts in the VR industry. We will do a deep dive analysis of everything from actual features, branding, marketing, launch strategy, etc., and present our findings and recommendations.


Our influencer relations service connects your game with 150+ VR content creators, managing the distribution of game keys and negotiating rates for paid content. Amplify your game’s visibility and engage with the VR community through influential content creators.


Our company specializes in crafting custom PR boxes that leave a lasting impression. We handle every step of the process, from design and procurement to assembly and shipping, ensuring that each box is tailored specifically to your game. Our goal is to create unique and memorable PR boxes that captivate influencers, increasing the likelihood of them sharing their experience on social media. Let us take care of the creative and logistics while you enjoy the buzz generated by our unforgettable boxes.


We start with a full social media audit and review. After our roadmap is agreed upon, we will set up and grow your social media accounts for organic reach, create strong relationships with key players in the industry and boost your overall internet presence. Our standard package include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. Additional fees required for TikTok to account for video editing.

We will broadcast your VR game or product to our wide network in the VR industry. We cover it all from booking you on the top VR podcasts and news outlets to getting your game noticed by highly influential content creator. Let’s create some waves!


Building a loyal fan base can make or break your success. The founders of Impact Reality have cultivated a VR community of over a quarter million enthusiasts. We will use our expertise to create a community for your game or VR product through events and community building efforts via Discord, Facebook or both.


A game trailer is one of the most important marketing asset for any VR game. We work with our partners to create a dynamic trailer that shows all the most important features of your game. First Person trailers is a great and cost-effective way to showcase your game.

A game trailer is one of the most important marketing asset for any VR game. We work with our partners to create a dynamic trailer that shows all the most important features of your game. While mixed reality trailers are cost more to produce, there’s no better way to depict the magic of VR than through a mixed reality trailer.


Conventions are already tough but add a VR demo on top of it, and there’s too many things that can go wrong. Impact Reality XR has extensive experience in planning and running conventions and VR demos. We can ensure your display looks great, that all your marketing items get through customs on time, that there’s risk management plans in place and that event attendees have the best and smoothest VR experience.



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