Real Combat, Virtual World: The Next Generation of Melee Combat

JUNE 1, 2023

With an advanced physics system, the team at CyDream is pushing the boundaries of the VR action genre to deliver an experience unlike any other. Say goodbye to sluggish, predictable AI bots and say hello to spontaneous, coherent enemies that turn up the pressure with brutal attacks. Prepare for increasingly challenging battles as each level becomes more difficult, pushing you to practice and improve your skills to emerge victorious. The game supports multiple languages and brutality settings, allowing players to customize their experience to their preferences.

Get ready to step into a world where combat is no longer just a game, but a true test of your Battle Talent.

Battle Talent brings players an enriched combat experience with a vast array of options, such as aerial combos, deflecting, grabbing, throwing, dismemberment, shooting and magic. Choose from a selection of unique weapons, each with their own special abilities such as summoning lightning, ice, or other elements and innate skills. The possibilities are limitless!

Individual enemies have unique fighting styles, keeping you on your toes and adding excitement to every encounter. Get ready for a thrilling battle experience unlike anything that you’ve played before!

As a roguelite game, Battle Talent delivers challenging gameplay across an abundant collection of levels. Players can explore mazes, dungeons and many more environments while defeating enemies and collecting loot to unlock new abilities and weapons in the store.

Battle Talent fully supports in-game mods and has a rich community, with over 1000 mods ready to be played. Mods can be installed through the in-game menu at a moment’s notice through just the Quest 2, without restarting the game or needing a PC.

Battle Talent is perfect for players that:

  • like creative combat
  • enjoy working out in VR
  • love challenging roguelite games
  • want to experiment with advanced physics


  • Advanced Physics: bring you accurate collision, climbing, haptic feedback and sounds
  • Rich Combat: deflect, grab, throw, dismember, shoot and perform magic
  • Unique Weapons: many weapons have special skills, such as summoning lighting and ice
  • Roguelite Levels: massive seamless dungeons with lots of enemies, events and loot await you
  • Progress: earn coins to unlock new weapons and abilities
  • Options: multiple languages and brutality settings are supported

Battle Talent releases June 1st, 2023 for Steam VR and Meta Quest 2.

About CyDream:
CyDream is a VR game company specializing in physics simulation games. We were founded in 2021 and have bases in mainland China, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. Our team is composed of top talent in the industry, all committed to creating exceptional physics-based VR games.

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