Battle for Glory in this New VR Party Brawler

MAY 22, 2023

Quantaar is the ultimate party brawler for VR! Developed by Pumpkin VR, this VR fighter allows players to test their resolve against others in a battle for glory. Play as a champion from a variety of fighters ranging from pirate cat, Captain Furry to primordial demon, Chaos.

Players are able to enjoy the game in various modes such as brawler, team up 2v2, soccer and social. The most common way players can enjoy this game is to battle others in a solo approach with brawler mode. For those who enjoy teamwork, team up 2v2 is just for you as players partner up and coordinate a plan of attack to ring out the other team. Dominate the field in soccer mode where players compete to outscore each other in this thrilling game mode. If you prefer to relax and socialize with other spectators of Quantaar, social mode is the way to go as you link up with others in various clubs as well as host private events for your friends.

Unleash the full might of champions by equipping them with cores. Cores unlock a hidden Aura within players’ heroes as it can edge out the opponents with their signature traits. Master cores allow players to fan the flame of their heroes’ ultimate potential by utilizing their particular characteristic while stock cores enhance the general abilities of a hero. Players place emphasis on master cores to get an advantage, while stock cores make heroes more well-rounded.

Fighters can turn the tide in their favor by using items to win matches. Items such as the freeze grenade can stop enemies in their tracks before they get momentum in the match and some can disrupt the flow of the match such as the megaton bomb.

In the world of Quantaar, players select their heroes and fight in terrestrial and otherworldly stages, each with their own unique hazardous atmospheres. Battle in the land of Eternal Winter, where champions fight in frozen winter surrounded by spikes wrapped with the unforgiving, freezing wind. Knock your opponents into quicksand as you do battle in dry and barren Egypt.

Launching on June 7, Quantaar is FREE-to-play on Steam VR and Meta Quest.

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