Shuttle Maze! A Glowing 80s Arcade Comeback 

MAY 1, 2023

Developed by Ayayu Games, Shuttle Maze is an 80’s retro-arcade maze runner game made for virtual reality. Shuttle Maze centers itself as a timing and precision based game as you play as Glow, a talented pilot completing a job to earn her pilot license back with the help of her trusty ship, “The Minotaur”. Along the way, she must rescue famous genius AI computer scientist, Dr. Harris, from his rogue AI creations.

Shuttle Maze is a single player experience that allows players to navigate various mazes constructed in a 3-Dimensional space through blasting enemy bots or avoiding waves of crazy AI enemies by way of coordinated maneuvers. The third person VR space shooter allows you to fortify your experience by unlocking upgradeable spaceships with distinguished traits that can work with your preference of play style. For the run and gun type of players, upgrade your weapons with the assistance of Dr. Harris to mow down aggressive bots. Or if you prefer to outwit the enemies, make use of the multidimensional movements made possible by 6DOF to coordinate your journey through complex mazes.

Campaign mode follows Glow’s story and features many phenomenal voice acting as well as a rich storyline that will make you lost in the game. Can’t get enough of running the maze? Unlock race mode after completing level 4 of the campaign, where you test your piloting skills against other players for a higher place on the leader board.

Ayayu Games is continually developing the game to add on additional content and improvements to better enhance the players’ experience. Updates such as adding mixed reality elements to the mazes, incorporating additional levels, expanding skybox options for a deeper level of immersion as well as multiplayer coming soon.

Shuttle Maze can be played standing or sitting and costs $11.99 on Quest, Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro and coming soon to Steam VR. Press kit is available here.


Play Shuttle Maze on Meta Quest here:

Learn more about Ayayu Games:

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